Umbrella Insurance

An umbrella policy is for EVERYONE, even if you feel you don’t own a lot.

Do you...

  • Own a home?
  • Own rental properties or a short-term rental?
  • Own any recreational vehicles?
  • Have teen drivers?
  • Have a pool or trampoline?
  • Have kids who babysit?
  • Carpool, host parties or sleepovers?
  • Own a firearm?

Then YOU should strongly consider an Umbrella Policy.

Go beyond the limits of your regular insurance policy.

The truth is, accidents do happen. We do our best to avoid them and be safe, but what happens if you become financially responsible for MORE than your current insurance policy covers?

That’s when an umbrella policy comes into play. It serves as another level of protection with additional liability protection over each of your underlying policies.

And the best part is, you can dramatically increase your protection with little expense, all while obtaining a bundling discount!