Home Insurance

Protecting your home, belongings and everyone in it.

Your home, and everything in it, is a major investment. Having the right insurance to protect your belongings is imperative. At HIA we take the time to talk through what kinds of assets you need to account for (including electronics, jewelry, and appliances) and then shop your policy to all the major carriers to find the best option for your particular needs!

Not every home is the same, and we take that into consideration. From condos and townhouses, to renting an apartment or owning your own free-standing home we have the knowledge to get you the right kind of coverage.

What can property insurance cover?



Protection for your home against damage from wind/hail, fire, lightning, theft and other covered occurrences is contained within this policy. In the case of a condo, renters or landlord policy – we would advise you on coverage that will best protect you when third parties (like associations, landlords, or tenants) may be involved.



Protection for your possessions, such as furniture, appliances, art, jewelry, electronics and clothing can also be incorporated into your policy. We help you take full account of what you have and the replacement value you need.



This part of your policy can safeguard your personal assets if you are found liable for someone else’s injuries or property damage.  Additional liability protection, like an Umbrella policy, is also recommended to all of our clients, particularly for property owners.

Types of Property Insurance HIA offers:

Home | Condo/Townhouse | Renters | Home Under Construction | Vacant Property | Short Term Rental | Landlord

We’ve seen it all first-hand, and in the event of an accident or tragedy it’s important to have the right policy and the right agent who works with you (and your carrier) until completion.

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