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Daniel Hershfield

Co-owner Daniel Hershfield knows the importance of having insurance that gives you peace of mind. He considers helping people obtain that kind of peace the best part of his job. In addition to fostering camaraderie at the company, the Hershfields have made it a priority to cultivate an atmosphere of learning, making sure employees have opportunities to gain new work-related skills. It’s gratifying for Daniel when he sees his employees high five each other after working as a team to reach their goal.  

Daniel likes flying small planes and traveling anywhere there is a pretty coast, good wine and a gym. He especially loves seeing his family laugh, as well as relaxing with family and friends.

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Andrea Hershfield

The wife-husband owners of HIA, Andrea and Daniel Hershfield, used their experience in the insurance industry to create their company, and since day one have made it a point to build a tightnit staff that treats clients and each other like family. Andrea finds it especially rewarding to help staff further develop their professional skills so that every client feels taken care of and well protected. As co-owner of HIA, she also loves figuring out how to streamline processes, grow the business, and improve service.

Andrea, who loves being creative, warns that if you get near her when she’s inspired, you’ll might find yourself rassled into a project! She gets a lot of joy from spending time with her family, watching her kids do something they’re proud of, relaxing with Daniel, and traveling. She looks forward to future Sunday night dinners gathered around the dining room table laughing with Daniel, their four kids and their families.

Yvette Ramos

Agency Manager Yvette Ramos has had a long career in insurance, with over three decades of experience. The mom, and dog-momma of three, calls her co-workers her familia, and loves using her problem-solving skills to help clients. Outside the office, you’ll often find her surrounded by her family and laughter. One day she hopes to visit Greece.

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Stephen Arajuo

Stephen Araujo

Account Manager Stephen Araujo’s job at HIA suits him well. He finds it rewarding to help people better understand insurance and feels right at home in the company’s relaxed, family-oriented environment. He especially appreciates his co-workers, who are helpful, knowledgeable and kind. In his off hours, he enjoys family time with his wife and two cats and two dogs, board games with friends, and drawing. A hat aficionado, he also has an impressive collection of over 200 fitted hats.

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Alexis May

Alexis May

As a customer service advisor at HIA, Alexis May likes that she gets to do something for others. She appreciates the atmosphere of camaraderie they cultivate at the company, and that everyone learns from each other and no one is ever left behind there. The part-time model, lead singer, and proud mom of five also loves cooking.

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Aila Reyes

A problem solver who enjoys talking to people, customer service representative Aila Reyes loves helping her clients find just the right solution for them. She appreciates the team at HIA, who she describes as helpful, approachable and easy to talk to. When Aila isn’t at work, you might find her playing with her kids, watching movies with her family, taking care of her plants, or posting photos on social media. It’s her dream to someday travel, but mostly she just wants a simple, peaceful life.

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